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Why wait until your child reaches Grade 3 to place them in AAP/GT?

Challenge them from Kindergarten in a safe and diverse learning environment!

If your child is gifted, and if you do not want to wait until 3rd grade for your child to be challenged, please consider going through our GT Screening Test and find out if Thomas Edison School of Fairfax is the right fit for you.


Welcome to Thomas Edison School of Fairfax

  • Private primary school for Grades K-2nd

  • Sister school of Best Academy

  • Fully accredited by Cognia (formerly Advanced)

  • In Partnership with The Center for Gifted Education at William & Mary

  • 100% in-person classes

  • Curriculum designed to nurture high achieving students and to enhance the development of the whole child and a love of learning

How do we Teach?

Admission Procedure

Admissions process step-by-step


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