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Enrollment Requirement


Thomas Edison School of Fairfax has a rolling admission policy during an academic year. Students are notified of admission in writing as well as by phone and then are quickly made a contract discussing tuition and payment installments. After the contract is signed and all application requirements are completed, the student is reserved space in his or her appropriate class. Parents must follow admissions requirements in order to be considered for placement.

It is the policy of Thomas Edison School of Fairfax that all students received the proper immunizations and health requirements mandated by the state of Virginia.


Admission Requirements

  1. Students are required to have the proper immunization and health forms mandated in public schools by the Commonwealth of Virginia.
  2. We encourage parents and prospective students to visit the school or come to an open house forum to learn more about the programs, meet the teachers, view the classrooms and daily procedures.
  3. Parents must complete an entrance application and pay a non-refundable application fee, which includes assessment fees.
  4. All students must take an entrance exam.
  5. Students must provide a copy of their current and previous year’s final report cards. If the student has been previously homeschooled, then any equivalent form of evaluation is accepted.
  6. Applicants are required to complete the Confidential Personal Recommendation Form by someone that knows the student well. The Confidential Personal Recommendations can be written by a pastor, youth director, counselor, teacher, or a parent.
  7. A portfolio of academic achievements, writings, social service, awards, recognitions, or other remarkable projects is accepted as a supplementary means of entry.


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